Dimitrov can’t believe VMRO-DPMNE MP applied for Ambassador to EU


Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov said a procedure on appointing a high VMRO-DPMNE official as Macedonia’s new ambassador to the EU in Brussels has been suspended.

“The process has been halted, in fact the procedure is cancelled this is what can be called a political folklore of sorts, or a party-related folklore,” Minister Dimitrov, who is part of the government delegation visiting Sofia, said when asked to comment on mounting disagreements between ruling and opposition officials over the appointment of the ex-VMRO-DPMNE MP, Aleksandar Nikolovski.

According to Dimitrov, there are no ground to continue debating the Nikolovski case any further. “If I were to be in his position, I would have already withdrawn the nomination in a bid to close the issue.”

“Who is he going to represent if he acts in the capacity as secretary for international cooperation of a political party. Will he represent the party in question or Macedonia, especially since he is considered to be sent to the headquarters of the EU in Brussels,” Dimitrov mused.

According to him, the practice of sending politicians to serve as ambassadors must be stopped, MIA reports from Sofia.

“I believe in Macedonia we will have to stop deploying politicians for ambassadors in foreign countries. The logic behind the appointment of someone who is affiliated with your party, especially in a strategic center, is to cooperate with you while you’re in power. We have made such mistakes in the past and I think we must reach a consensus, as a society and as a political system, to stop doing this,” Dimitrov told reporters in Sofia.

Furthermore, Aleksandar Nikolovski has issued a reaction of his own saying to improve Macedonia’s reputation in the EU in order to accelerate the integration process was a top priority.

“The reputation in Brussels could be improved by reaching a wide political and social consensus. What we don’t need is to trade political barbs in the media,” said Nikolovski pledging that as an ambassador of Macedonia to the EU he would represent all citizens and all state institutions.