Dimitrov: In some countries, the president doesn’t need to approve agreements


Just when you think there is absolutely no way the treasonous criminal trio of Zaev, Dimitrov and Shekerinska can surprise you, rushing in to the scene comes Dimitrov.

In an interview with Top Tema (Telma TV), the GMO Soros product Nikola Dimitrov stated this: “In some countries… in some constitutions the president doesn’t need to approve agreements signed by the Government, in some constitutions if the president doesn’t sign a law during a specified time frame, then the law is considered to be signed“. Yes, Macedonians, this is who your foreign minister is.

Well, Nikola, here is the thing… in some countries… if you do what you did in Macedonia, you’d already be with a noose around your neck. In some countries, you’d have your citizenship revoked and exiled to a remote island. But, you’re in lawless Macedonia where you’re illegally in power.

Everyone realizes we’re not a functioning country, but your comparisons to “other” countries and “other” constitutions and the fact you can’t 100% complete the job you were tasked to do by Baily just adds volumes to the misery that is Nikola Dimitrov.

It’s difficult to call you a son of a bitch, and not because I treated a traitor (you) to a lunch (in 2013), but because your own mother in 1992 strongly opposed negotiations with Greece as an MP in Parliament.
Look at Ratka Dimitrova’s speech in Parliament here.
Little did Ratka know, she gave a birth to an imbecile, a traitor, a soulless gmo product.

  • V.M.

    Mark, 2013 was your chance to punch him in the face… I am just saying…

  • Legenda Patriot

    It is a shame he didn’t choke on his food back then!