Dimitrov is in pain, but not because he was outed as CIA asset


Dimitrov is in pain because the Referendum failed. So much money and effort went into it, so many globalist puppets visited Macedonia. But hey, in Dimitrov’s mind, the referendum is successful because they did manage to stuff over 100,000 votes in ballot boxes.

Per the FM, 600,000 votes is more than 37,000 (those who voted against) as for the 1.2 million who boycotted…they don’t matter.

Here is Dimitrov:

  • Only Liberty Matters

    If he’s suffering put a bullet in his head and end the pain. I am 100% sure not one person in Macedonia would mind.

    • Legenda Patriot

      String him up in the middle of Skopje – a slow death is warranted but still not enough for the corruption and destruction he has wreaked with the other turds.

  • Goran Stavreski

    When this guy speaks, a tree falls in the forest and makes a sound.