Dimitrov: Yes, I work for the CIA, but WikiLeaks info is old


Macedonia’s traitor and acting Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov needed three days to think of a response after WikiLeaks revealed him as a CIA asset who as a chief name negotiator undermined Macedonia’s positions at the UN by passing classified information to Washington.

Despite taking three days to consolidate and come up with what we thought would be a clever distraction, this is what Dimitrov came up with: Yes, it is true, but this is old information published in 2010. Lets deconstruct his statement. Dimitrov, unafraid of consequences admits he works for the CIA. He was advised to lie the WikiLeaks information was published in 2010. it was actually published on December 14th, 2018 on their website and on Twitter on December 15th.

Why this GMO product identified as Nikola Dimitrov openly admitted that he works for the CIA and against Macedonia?
It could be because Macedonia’s entire Government was installed by the CIA: Zaev, Dimitrov, Tevdovski, Angjushev, Shekerinska… are all CIA assets. Who is going to charge Dimitrov with treason? The other CIA assets?

Who is going to take to the streets? The CIA controlled opposition led by DP.NE mouse Hristijan Mickoski who hasn’t uttered a single word visavi Dimitrov?
Or will we see protest from the CIA controlled MPC and the satanist in charge of it, Stefan?

Dimitrov’s admission was one of bragging rather than admission of guilt, for the reasons mentioned above.

How was that old saying, “For every Macedonian, there are three Dimitrov

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    Dimitrov you f.ckwit!!!