Monster Mila Carovska used a poor family for politics, still hasn’t provided any help


You can judge a country by how it treats the poorest of the poor. And good God we’re not something to brag about.

The Mladenovski family lives on the Macedonian – Serbian border, although in this case the word ‘lives’ is not perhaps adequate. It’s an 8 member family that lives in a makeshift structure that has one room and in it, has metal frame beds, ancient wooden stove, a faucet and home made storage bin for clothing.

The children aged 6, 9, 13, 17, 19, 21 live in the house, with one exception being their 17 year old son who lives in temporary housing in Skopje.

Majority of the children have developmental problems, while three have nearly lost their vision.

The family has no access to: Food, Education, Healthcare and Transportation.

The nearest school is 13km away, all the kids walk to school, but not always make it, particularly in winter time when they simply head back to their makeshift ‘home’.

Current Minister of Social Justice and and all around horrible person Mila Carovska used this very family while campaigning in opposition to get votes… Once she became the Social Justice Minister, she completely ignored the Mladenovski family. In fact, roughly 10 months ago when asked by the media if she now plans to assist the family, Carovska claimed the Mladenovski do not qualify to receive Governmental assistance in the form of housing. Below is Carovska while she was in opposition with the SDSM:

The same Carovska has stated that the Macedonian Government has within its budget the funds to build over 6,000 apartments to permanently house muslim migrants in the country, but for citizens like the Mladeonovski family, they do not qualify?