Distractions: While searching for Gruevski in parking lots, Zaev quetly frees ex SDS official Vladimir Buckovski


12 year jail sentence for high ranking SDS official Vladimir Buckovski accused and convicted by district and Appelate Court over pocketing 12m euros for fictitious purchase of tank parks from Croatia has been removed during Junta’s theatrics in their search for Gruevski.

Buckovski was released illegally, without just cause the Court ordered retrial where Zaev’s judge Kacarska is set to “review” his case. This fiasco went completely under the radar.

In addition, the SPO has jailed former transport Minister Janakievski and Bozinovski, as a precautionary measure while they are working on alleged charges for their case “Titanik”. The SPO has been working on the this case for 2 years without producing a shred of evidence… it’s still working on it.

Meanwhile the SPO has not requested the detention of Sasho Mijalkov. Per Katica Janeva, he’s been very good, in addition Mijalkov is way more important to them outside (blackmailing MPs) then detained.

In addition, Janeva mentioned Mickoski, adding he is currently not being investigated (but if he organizes protests, or mentions the word “protest”) she just may come up with something.