Doncev quits as head of Public Health Fund


Den Doncev, the controversial head of the public healthcare FZOM fund, has resigned, MINA has learnt. According to our sources. Doncev was planning to resign after the April 12 elections, but since they were postponed, he is doing so now.

The Macedonian Australian was linked to numerous corruption scandals in this term, and as a telecom official in the Ljubco Georgievski led Government that was inaugurated in 1998. His friendship with Zoran Zaev was crucial in Doncev’s move across party lines to one of the most lucrative public institutions in the country.

Doncev was named in the charges filed by the owners of the Diamed dialysis provider, who said that he, and Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce, were extorting the company and trying to prevent its sale to a Swedish company. It was reported that Zoran Mileski – Zoki Kiceec, an enforcer linked to the Government who was sentenced in the Racket trial, was involved in the Diamed extortion attempt.