Don’t record crimes: Zaev and Rashkovski won’t let people with cellphones in


Starting with last Tuesday, Raskovski introduced preventive measures – everyone who enters his office must leave their phones behind. Such measures were also for entering Zoran Zaev’s office, where the guests who came for meetings and working meetings left the phones in a especially made mailbox at the reception department. For the time being, there are no government blockers put in place that block cell phone conversations/recordings.

Rashkovski confirmed that the persons who work as security in the Government so far did not take the phones of the guests that came to meet him at his request.

“I personally told the people from the security of the Government that the guests coming to my office shouldn’t leave their phones behind because I do not do anything illegal. I would never think that somebody who comes into my office will record me, I do not have such a matrix, and I would not think that someone else would do this, “said Raskovski.

However, apart from his statement for media, whoever enters both Rashkovski and Zaev office do leave their phones behind.