Dozen chances squandered in Macedonia’s draw with Albania


There is only one name you need to know. Ilija Nestorovski.
The Palermo striker managed to squander four chances where it was much more difficult not to score, than to score. But he somehow pulled it off!

Macedonia welcomed Albania in Strumica on a hot day where we witnessed great attacking football. Although the scoreline is 1-1, Albania sent just one shot on goal, and surely enough resulted in a goal by Roshi in the 53rd minute of the match.

But if we’re honest, that’s what decent teams do, all they need is one chance.

Macedonia controlled the game in Strumica, it spent extended periods playing in front of Berisha’s goal, who thanks to Nestorovski ability to always shoot straight at him, made him look like a national hero.
Alioski is in a class of its own, first played on the left wing, then the right wing, and when he noticed our strikers are not having a good day, Alioski sent several great shots from distance which Berisha barely stopped, however Nestorovski wasn’t able to finish the rebounds from 1-2 meters away.

The tying goal came from a penalty via Aleksandar Trajkovski.

If the seniors had a tough time scoring a goal, the U21 team doesn’t have that problem. Earlier today, Macedonia beat Armenia in Yerevan 3-0. Watching the U21 team play and then watching the seniors play, it now makes perfect sense why the coach of the senior team refuses to play friendly matches with the U21 team.