Dozen flights from Milan landed in Skopje, Macedonians to welcome CoronaVirus


More than a dozen flights from Milano have landed in the Macedonian capital. Northern Italy is quickly become quarantined, with more and more cases of the dreaded coronavirus being announced by the Italian Government.

Remarkably, northern Italy at the moment is “home” of over 50,000 Macedonians who earn their living there for years. Not to mention the thousands more who frequent Italy on shopping as tourists.

Going with the above mentioned facts, the transfer of the flu-like CoronaVirus from Italy to Macedonia is inevitable, if not already done.

For weeks, no Government authority has checked on either flights or shipments from infected nations, nor has anyone shown any interest to do so.

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At the moment, there are four cases at the Skopje clinic who according to Minister Venko Filipce have tested negative after coming back from a recent trip to Milano. Filipce is the man who fake-gave his niece a vaccine to prove his expired vaccines were safe. A proven liar and a total nutjob is in charge for the health and safety of Macedonian citizens.

Most Macedonian hospitals don’t have the very basic supplies (saline, needles…), one has to wonder how on earth are they checking patients for the coronavirus!?