DPMNE accuses SDS of spending money from country’s foreign reserves


DPMNE accused the SDS led Government of greatly speeding up the increase in state debt and its decision to spend part of the country’s forex reserves.

“Every day we are 1,5 million EUR further in debt, on average. Hourly, we incur debt of 62.500 EUR, and by the minute, the figure stands at 1.050 EUR. In 70 days, Finance Minister Dragan Tevdovski reduced the foreign currency reserves of the country by 126 million EUR and endebted each citizen by additional 50 EUR”, said DPMNE in its press release.

The party reminded that before the elections SDS made huge promises but also promised to cut down on the debt. Meanwhile, DPMNE added, it is unclear where the money is going, because SDS is yet to implement key pre-election promises such as increasing the minimum wage to 16.000 denars (260 EUR), the average wage to 30.000 denars (500 EUR) and increasing the salaries of doctors to 100.000 denars (1.640 EUR).

SDS responded with a press release accusing VMRO-DPMNE of increasing the debt during its 11 years in office to over 50 percent of the gross domestic product, if we account for the entire public debt. “Instead of their profligate approach, the SDS led Government manages the state funds responsibly. Their empty accusations about alleged spending of foreign currency reserves shows that DPMNE lacks basic understanding about the management of public finances. We use a single account to pay back the credit lines and the maturing debt. Through our responsible management, the public debt has been reduced for the first time since 2008”, SDSM responded, although in reality, apart from being false their response made zero sense.

  • Wolf

    Its just commonsense 101. The reserves are disappearing because Zaev has to refund George Soros all his investment money and with interest.
    Some one in the EU should start look into the Macedonians Government spending follow the money, Im sure it would look interesting.