DPMNE asks membership to skip attendance of Ilinden


DPMNE’s newly elected Central Committee issued a press release in which it asks their membership not to attend the marking of Ilinden at any of the locations organized by the SDS Government.

The DPMNE leadership believes any incident will be used by the SDS to further prosecute their leadership, but to also damage the image of their party both at home and abroad.

Should some still decide to attend, DPMNE asks their membership to abstain and not get pulled into any provocations by the SDS.

DPMNE also asks its membership to refrain from any negativity towards Bulgaria or Bulgarians who are likely to travel to Macedonia, because it’s not their fault that Macedonia has a quisling Government.

The DPMNE absolutely nailed this one, as they were/are the biggest contributor for the current situation in the country.

One of the larger Macedonian organizations called “Andon Lazov Janev – Kjoseto” has stated they won’t attend the Iliden ceremony in Krushevo out of respect to the people who have given up their lives for Macedonia.
“We don’t see ourselves attending a ceremony where Talat Xhaferi, an illegitimate representative of Parliament is the main speaker” stated the organization on their social media profile.