DPMNE clowns conclude: Hey this is not good for Macedonia


DPMNE’s vice president Aleksandar Nikoloski says that with the change of the names of the highway and the airport, Macedonia again lost to the policies of this SDSM government.

“Regarding the renaming of the airport and the highway, I would like to emphasize that when announcing this procedure by Zoran Zaev, we are publicly asking whether these activities are part of a broader strategy for which the public is not informed or is a one-sided step of the current Macedonian Government?

We pointed out that if there is any strategy, citizens expect to be informed about its benefits, and if it there isn’t a strategy and the country simply makes unilateral concessions, without gaining anything in return, then this is bad for Macedonia. VMRO DPMNE sees no irredentism in the names of the airport and the highway!” says Nikolovski in a statement for the press.

  • Billy

    First they were actors and fake patriots, now Clowns indeed.

  • R_U_Jhoking

    The are indeed traitors but not as bad as the communists.

  • Goran Stavreski

    The only difference between SDSH and DPNE is:
    SDSH openly work against Macedonia
    DPNE quietly sold us out.
    I prefer SDSH because they have the balls to openly boast they will ruin the country.

  • hankz

    The Republic of Monkeydonkeys, now thats a name for FYROM!!!