DPMNE clowns think PM Jess Baily will allow free and fair elections?


It’s never a good thing when my 88 year old father watches the news and quickly turns off the TV as soon as Gruevski aka Forest Gump is shown traversing the country “meeting and greeting” with people.

That little boxing traitor should be knocked out for good. Everyone says Zaev this, Zaev that, but Gruevski let the snake out of the bag. He put Zaev in charge. Sold the country with Przino, but didn’t have the guts to sign the surrender himself, sent out that poor bastard, Todorov!

Keep in mind, this is from a man whose family were practically the founders of VMRO, the VMRO of the 1940’s whose leadership was persecuted, illegally jailed and often killed by the communists. My uncle, one of the most important member of the old VMRO was killed in Berlin in 1972, struck in the head as he walked down the street to meet with other VMRO members who fled Yugoslavia. The killer was never found.

As my father shook his head and got up to go for a walk, I turned the TV back on to see what farm was Gruevski visiting this weekend. He was in Veles, shaking hands.
Watching this man, I felt nothing but sorry for him. Deep down, he knows it, he really screwed up. Everything good he did for a decade went to hell with Przino. Think of a CEO who founded a company in his garage, grows to the size of Apple and is then forced to resign with his head down by outside consultants who have no stake in the company. That’s Gruevski’s legacy and is getting worse, every day.

What bothers me with DPMNE at the moment is their delusional and highly disturbing behavior which has lasted for three years with no end in sight. I see DPMNE campaigning, boasting they’d win every city in the upcoming local elections! Let me disagree with this. Does anyone in DPMNE seriously believe PM Jess Baily will let the opposition control cities? I can see, perhaps PM Baily allowing DPMNE to pick up few wins here and there for their capitulation and subsequent subjugation, but does anyone believe in free and fair elections with the SEC and Macedonian Courts under complete control of Jess Baily! Macedonian state institutions are completely and utterly compromised with the laughable Appelate Court themselves breaking the very law they are sworn to protect. The reason Appelate Court hasn’t jailed Gruevski on made up charges is his apparent agreement not to exist as the country is taken to the garbage depot.

I’ve chatted with Macedonian policemen who have already been told they need to leave their voting posts earlier, before the transport of voting materials begin. In other words, everything is already arranged for fraudulent elections and stuffing of ballot boxes. Why did Zaev hire 500 policemen? Wanted to ensure the police are his people prior to the elections.

Did DPMNE ever bothered to check Jess Baily’s credentials before accepting him as ambassador to Macedonia! Baily is a senior CIA operative. His credentials are quite openly tied  to destabilization and coup of countries where he had been appointed. Baily is connected with the coup in Thailand in 1991, wreaked havoc in Iraqi Kurdistan in an unsuccessful attempt to create a separate Kurdish state in 2007 and 2008, then he led an unsuccessful coup in Turkey and was behind the Taxim square “revolution”. After Ankara kicked him out as a persona-non-grata, the CIA sent him to Macedonia.

Considering how apathetic the Macedonian public has become (people are not interested in voting), should the turn out be lets say 50%, this gives PM Baily roughly 10-30% of ballot stuffing. It becomes simply too easy to turn the elections in their favor. Do you think it’s an accident that Baily wants to bring 100,000s of migrants, give them citizenships over night and put them in cities that are inhabited 100% by ethnic Macedonians! Why not bring migrants to Tetovo, Gostivar, Debar? Because Baily already has an experience attempting to break up territory from another country.

The only way, and this is a long shot, Macedonia can actually place a dagger into Baily’s operation is if:

a) No one comes out to vote, so the turnout is 10-15% or

b) everyone comes out to vote, where the turnout is over 90%

Under scenario a), PM Baily will simply be unable to stuff hundreds of thousands of ballots (if not over a million) into ballot boxes, no matter how many CIA operatives and local quislings are roaming throughout the country (200+ in case you’re wondering) ensuring everything goes according to their plan.

Under scenario b), Should every single Macedonian goes out and vote, PM Baily is majorly screwed. No matter that he’s got the SEC in his pocket, if 1.7m people go out and vote, you cannot stuff more ballots than there are voters, it will certainly look quite foolish even for psychopath like Baily.

It is only in the above mentioned two scenarios that Macedonians can have any sort of hope, anything else, in between, will result in complete fiasco for the future of Macedonia as a state.

  • V.M.

    People already think the elections will be fraudulent, just like the previous elections even though DPMNE won (should have won by much larger margin). As a result, not many will go to vote, which is precisely what Baily wants and expects. I too think it will be a disaster unless everyone goes to vote, or no one like Gorazd says.

  • R_U_Jhoking

    No one should turn up and vote. It is already rigged. Only protests and not recognising the government and any of their decisions is the answer.

  • Its Just Me

    Yes, I doubt people would vote… just see the turnaround for 2. aug and 8 sept.
    But what happens then, I hope it creates more chaos to overturn the circus-government.
    If there is no government, we certainly need no ambassadors..

    Ambassador – person who embarrasses the country he represents.