DPMNE files no confidence motion against Culture Minister


VMRO-DPMNE MPs filed Saturday a no-confidence motion against Minister of Culture Robert Alagjozovski.

For those who don’t know, Alagjozovski is certifiably insane, which isn’t easy to do. What better individual for a Minister of Culture, than a man who seats naked surfing the net, and then posts the photo online!?

VMRO-DPMNE MP Ane Laskoska said there has been a backward trend in the culture sector since Alagjozovski’s appointment, because of partisan employments, selection and discrimination of artists and cultural activists, negligence of cultural heritage, stoppage of capital investments in the culture field etc.

“We believe this institution has reached the bottom since Robert Alagjozovski was appointed minister 70 days ago. He needs to go and be replaced with an honest person, one who takes care of the cultural and historical heritage, respecting all artists and cultural activists, one who will promote Macedonia’s culture both in the country and abroad”, said Laskoska.

She also referred to the cuts in the culture sector through the recently adopted budget rebalance.

Today’s no-confidence motion is the sixth by the opposition party VMRO-DPMNE over the past week, following those against the ministers of agriculture, labor and social policy, foreign affairs, finance and environment.

  • Its Just Me

    A minister of culture opposing culture (think of the Super Cup, and the Macedonian flag. Maybe he thought he is minister – against something, not minister – for something…
    For example we have a prime minister that is against Macedonia..
    The whole government is against what they should be doing.. And they were elected “for” something..
    Somebody should start betting when the government falls, we all know it will happen, its just a matter of time.. When Greece was defaulting people earned a lot of money buying CDSs betting it will default. And we are so close to this happening to us soon 🙂

  • Billy

    This guy is pedo, should be locked up in an institution… but then again, with Baily as PM, all the lunatics are now Ministers.