DPMNE files no-confidence motion for Finance Minister


A parliamentary group of the opposition DPMNE filed Thursday a no-confidence motion to the Parliament against Finance Minister Dragan Tevdovski.

Main reasons for the motion are the adoption of the 2017 budget rebalance that DPMNE believes will not bring economic growth, substantial slashing of the capital investments, unfounded over-indebtedness of citizens on domestic market, increasing of the debt-amount on international, financial markets, disrespecting of people’s representatives at the Parliament, manipulating with economic data and indicators, the party’s MP, Liljana Kuzmanovska told reporters.

Tevdovski, she said, has failed to justify the Parliament’s trust, taking care to only ensure funds for partisan employments in state, public institutions and totally neglecting the citizens’ needs in the process.

  • Its Just Me

    Yes, I totally agree as an economist (and wrote on this extensively already), read his whole speech about cutting capex investments, deducting them to lower the achieved growth, so definitely manipulating the data to his own account.
    And he is an economist – how can he do that, seriously?!