DPMNE & Mickoski continue to deceive Macedonians, as Horrific as SDSM


Macedonia’s largest opposition party, at least opposition on paper, the DPNE continues to employ deceitful tactics against the Macedonians and Macedonia.

Although MINAReport has been red-flagging the leadership at DPNE since 2017, their crimes started exponentially show in part thanks to Levica whose city delegates sounded the alarm dozens of times as the coalition between DPNE-SDSM-DUI not just in Parliament, but at a city level became evident.

The latest example of this is Ohrid where corrupt mayor Kiril Pecakov is trying to sell national treasure Maucker for as little as 1 euro per sq meter. At Maucker, famous archeological sites such as Hermelea, Kozluk, Gabavci, St Erasmo basilica, Engelana etc. are located. To make this happen DPNE, SDSM and DUI delegates in Ohrid have formed a coalition. The only delegate against this madness is Violeta Avramovska from Levica.

Pecakov: Ohrid will become a world tourist destination and a city with a  future for young people - Republika English
DPNE mayor of Ohrid – Kiril Pecakov

The same scenario unfolded in Veles under corrupt mayor Marko Kolev, where DPNE, SDSM and DUI delegates voted to privatize and sell the land around Tikves Lake to a DUI businessman. Once again Levica delegates were against it and protested the sale stating this should remain Government land that anyone can visit.


The latest fraud by DPNE is the referendum for including Bulgarians in the constitution. Mickoski, in his now infamous clownish style gathered his MPs to sign a notarized statement they won’t support the inclusion of Bulgarians in the constitution. A week later Mickoski stated he doesn’t have anything against the inclusion, to now going for a referendum, which is $20m operation, money that will find its way to SDSM, DPNE and DUI. My question for the clowns in DPNE is simple: Why go through a referendum for an agreement that can be nullified in Parliament with 61 MPs?

But it somehow gets worse.

DPNE executive member and mayor of Aerodrom Timco Mucunski is a special case. His father Zvonko Mucunski is a high ranking member of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under Bujar Osmani. Zvonko Mucunski is directly involved in the Bulgarization of Macedonia and assisted in the “French” proposal which was written in Sofia.

Mickoski and the rest of the DPNE leadership played ignorant the entire time during the selling of St Cyril and Methodies, Tsar Samuil, Miladinovci… claiming they were not aware what the SDSM is negotiating with official Sofia. The truth is, the DPNE leadership not just knew, but were directly involved in the selling of Macedonian history.

There is no “opposition” in Macedonia. The DPNE is de-facto in coalition with SDSM and DUI. Why the clowns in DPNE did not promise nullifying both Prespa and the Sofia Agreements as part of their election campaign? Because the DPNE has been part of the agreements since the beginning. They are as spineless as the SDSM. The DPNE have been cowards for 30 years, castrated politicians. Macedonia deserves better.

Mickoski and Mucunski to attend EPP Summit in Ljubljana - Republika English