DPMNE more than happy to concede cities to SDS


As tensions erupt in Skopje’s suburb of Shuto Orizari after it was discovered that the entire documentation and the voting results sent to the SEC were fabricated, DPMNE mayoral candidates were more than happy to concede defeat across Macedonia, even in cities where only 20% of the votes were being counted.

Just like we unfortunately predicted over a month ago, the SDS won pretty much all cities in Macedonia. Would you believe that? Even cities where they were too afraid to go to and hold campaign rallies because people despise them, well they won those cities too! They won Ohrid, Skopje, Bitola, Prilep…. all of it!

On September 12th Gorazd Velkovski very nicely put it: There are only two scenarios possible to defeat the upcoming electoral fraud:

a) No one comes out to vote, so the turnout is 10-15% or
b) everyone comes out to vote, where the turnout is over 90%

Anything in between would be a disaster and will allow the staffing of ballot boxes, among other fraud. Well, this is precisely what happened. The SEC never reported what the actual voter turnout was. At 5pm, there were 16 Macedonian cities with voter turnout in the low 30’s and low 40th percentile. There is no way that all of these cities from 5-7pm picked up 15-20% to go over the legal threshold for the vote to be valid. The work hours for Macedonian companies is 7am-3pm. Most people have already voted by 5pm. The SEC which is run by the SDS never published what the final voter turnout was at closing of the polls even though it’s obliged to do so by law. This fact gave them huge wiggle room to manipulate with numbers.

The election results defeat all common sense, in every sense of the word. It’s virtual impossibility for the SDS to win all cities. But if you’re going to fix elections, they certainly went all in. The chances of winning in Karposh for the SDS were zero, two of MINA’s contributors live there and know the area very, very well. The suburb is packed with DPMNE supporters, it’s simply not possible. But, Jakimovski saw the fraud and quickly conceded his loss. Why?

Aerodrom, another suburb packed with DPMNE supporters somehow overwhelmingly went to SDS? What? This is what Gorazd and Velinovska were warning about. If the voter turnout is 30%, which it was thus making the vote invalid, the other 20+% would be simply staffed with SDS ballots, similar to those the SEC issued where Zaev’s candidates were already pre-circled! By the way, the fact the SEC issued such ballots means the SEC head and SDS Official Aleksandar Chichakovski should be heading to prison. But guess what, no one is discussing this!

Is DPMNE complicit in this election fraud? Absolutely! From day one. Only a fool would think otherwise. Why would you quietly and quickly accept defeat when everyone knows the opponent’s ‘win’ was achieved illegally!?! If you see what has been going on in the past two years, it becomes clear that DPMNE is more than involved in the fraud and the upcoming change of our Biblical Name. The DPMNE has done a perfect job acting as the “disgruntled patriots” while in the background have signed on the dotted lines.

Now Gruevski will quit the party. He hasn’t shown courage, or sanity for a while, so it’s time to go. He should have left when he removed himself from power and became a farmer. My prediction is Gruevski will be replaced by 4 year old globalist Nikola Poposki, and Macedonia will receive a second SDS which will completely annihilate the country.
Maybe, and this is a big maybe, Antonio Milososki would be an okay choice.

The DPMNE has been infiltrated by quislings and fake patriots, and this is the result. We warned about this back in 2010!
At this time, we do not see a person within the DPMNE that can take over the party, with perhaps Milososki being the one exception.