DPMNE MPs prove natural stupidity is a real thing


DPMNE MPs marked Ilinden in Smilevo, Stojmirovo, Vladimirovo… see a pattern here?

In Smilevo, high ranking DPMNE MP and member of the executive committee Antonio Milososki claimed (he) and his party MPs were the true heirs of the VMRO revolutionaries!? Miloshoski delivered this statement from a hilltop in Smilevo, in front of no one and for no one.

should have climbed higher, why stop there…

At the same time, tatar imbecile Krasimir Karakacanov who in the past was too afraid to visit Macedonia, on August 2nd was in downtown Skopje in front of Alexander the Great statue giving interviews to BNT that Macedonia is now Bulgarian.

To summarize: we have a DPMNE idiot giving fake patriotic statements on a mountain top, while a tatar-mongol hybrid wearing a tie is claiming ownership of the country in the Macedonian capital!

This is how low the DMNE has sunk. Their level of cluelessness can be matched only by their robotic statements that they will work very hard for the people who removed them from power (US and NATO).

My question to Miloshoski is this: Do you actually have any clue who the real VMRO revolutionaries were and what they were doing? The fact that you, a sellout who is afraid of losing his US tourist visa, compares yourself to Macedonians who assassinated everyone both domestic and foreign who worked against the nation is truly disturbing.

Does Miloshoski understand that people will vote for DPMNE simply because they are the “lesser evil”.  If your treason is subtle and not as open as the SDS, it’s still treason. Just like el presidente, whatever his name was.

Since DPMNE MP’s lack the courage to make fake patriotic statements in an actual town, I highly recommend Easter Island, the perfect place for Milososki and company to venture out, offers plenty of obscurity.

  • Goran Stavreski

    Real VMRO revolutionaries would have first “cleaned up” VMROs leadership and then hanged all of SDS leadership.

  • Billy

    All the DPNE is doing is empty rhetoric… have been doing that since 2014…
    How weak can you be for a complete moron (Zaev) to walk into a Prime Minister office, to threaten him and they can’t f*ckin arrest the guy. Gruevski wasn’t allowed to arrest him by Prime minister Baily.
    Milososki, you’re a revolutionary? Go f*ck yourself

    • V.M.

      They are Cowards.

  • Macedonian1

    Not that I’m supporting the DPNE sellouts, but it is important to point out that Smilevo was an important village at the time of the Ilinden revolution. I realize this is besides the point but those Makedonci that don’t know about this part of Macedonian history really should put the effort in to research it. We will be collectively better for it.

    • V.M.

      I agree, Smilevo is very important, but the fact that they went to a dozen more unknown villages didn’t help. They all should have gone to Smilevo as a group.

  • R_U_Jhoking

    “The lesser evil” is correct but you make it sound like they are on similar levels. What SDS is doing is by FAR worse than what dpne have ever done. Dpmne is very far from being representative of what the country wants and needs but it is no comparison to the destruction of country and nationality that SDS is planning.

    • V.M.

      I would disagree. There is no question that everyone in the SDS must be hanged, and I can’t emphasize this enough… but VMRO had quietly extended and expanded the rights of albanians outside of the Ohrid framework for years. VMRO unlawfully accepted the dutch mediator Van Idiot, again outside of our laws, and unlawfully signed the Przino agreement, creating parallel legal institutions hitting at the very core of the judicial system.
      Again… Macedonia is in this situation because of VMRO, whether people like it or not.

      Conclusion: VMRO’s leadership are traitors and aren’t very bright.

      • R_U_Jhoking

        I agree they have made many mistakes as you say, but when SDShit falls with what will you replace them?
        As much as they don’t deserve to be in charge, in an insane country DPMNE are the sanest choice.