DPMNE needs to beg Todor Petrov to become their new President


The DPMNE is compromised. The party has allowed their own MPs (who have immunity) to be jailed! DPMNE’s new Executive Committee (IK) is more compromised than ever. The party has quislings at all levels. The Macedonians have recognized this fact and have turned their backs on the party.
Defeated in every shape and form, Gruevski announced his resignation, which lead to the announcement of a DPMNE Congress on December 23rd where a new party leader will be elected.

For nearly 5 years MINA was writing that the DPMNE was compromised internally by quislings who spread through the party like a virus. We warned of quisling Nikola Poposki, who appeared out of nowhere and was installed as a Foreign Minister. Prior to the elections Poposki was installed on the Executive Committee as well.

Vladimir Gjorchev is DPMNE’s biggest quisling… even worse, he may be nominated as a party leader which would be a disaster. The list of quislings within the DPMNE is quite extensive.
At this point, we do not see a person within the DPMNE who can takeover the reins for weakling Gruevski. One name floated by Gruevski himself is Hristijan Mickoski. Very little is known of Mickoski who is a professor of Mechanical Engineering, he could be a miss or a hit. Don’t wager any money on being a hit.

Then, we have someone like Todor Petrov. The Gevgelija born man was the first independent politician to enter Macedonian Parliament. Early on he refused to attach himself to Macedonian political parties which he viewed as anti-Macedonian and easily influenced by external forces. He is well known as a constitutional expert, was the first to submit multiple lawsuits against Xhaferi, the SDS for their coup in Parliament on April 27th. The Court is still reviewing Petrov’s lawsuits.

Todor Petrov is the very definition of a Macedonian. I’ve been fortunate enough to speak with him over BBQ in Gazi Baba. No man on earth is as dedicated to the Macedonian cause as Todor Petrov, who is currently the president of the World Macedonian Congress. He is extremely intelligent and courageous, will not be walking across Macedonian farms and fields for eight months the way weakling Gruevski did after he removed himself from power.

In 2010, several individuals of DPMNE’s “old guard” nominated Todor Petrov as a party candidate for Macedonian president. However, the quislings within the DPMNE struck and fought to remove Petrov’s nomination. In the end, the quislings prevailed, Gjorgje Ivanov was nominated for president. We can’t have someone like Todor Petrov as president, he is too Macedonian.

One thing is clear, if Petrov was president, the Army would have entered Parliament and led away Xhaferi and the SDS lunatics in handcuffs. Quisling Ivanov didn’t have the courage to make a phone call and protect the nation.

DPMNE’s ‘founder’ Mane Jakovlevski today held a speech, proclaiming his party will be even stronger after this crisis. Judging by the strange and at moments delusional speech, whatever Gruevski was smoking for the past two years appears to have been given to him by Jakovlevski.

DPMNE has never been as weak as it is today. On December 23, the DPMNE may cease to exist with the election of a traitor as its new president. The chances for this are quite high, there are good number of traitors within the Executive Committee who by the way should have resigned the same way Gruevski did. But, traitors normally do not resign from a post, Gruevski did so for a different reason. He realized Macedonians now (rightfully) saw him as a weakling which was too much for him to continue.

DPMNE’s only chance now is to elect a true Macedonian as its new president. Since there isn’t such an individual at the DPMNE, Todor Petrov is their only option, at least if they wish to earn some of the respect back among the Macedonians.

Lets not forget Mirka Velinovska. The DPMNE will win the lottery if it appoints her as the head of the party. But we don’t think the DPMNE’s EC is intelligent enough to do that.

If not, Ahmeti, Garrett or Jess Baily would be their best options to lead the DPMNE.

  • LXV

    Gruevski should convince his BFF Mitko Burchevski to run for president of DP#GE ! /sarc

  • V.M.

    Petrov was the only person to tell DPMNE and SDS that the Przino agreement was unconstitutional.

    • Jim Stefanovski

      Todor told them a lot but they never listened. No wonder we are where we are now.