DPMNE Prostitutes return to Parliament to listen to Stoltenberg speak


Macedonia’s opposition vowed not to return to Parliament after the SDSM led Government imprisoned 6 MPs and two dozen Macedonian patriots on false terrorism charges.

And while all prostitutes have rules what they would and wouldn’t do, the DPMNE doesn’t. The Mickovski led party was marched back into Parliament to hear the Empire of Chaos (NATO) General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg speak.

Stoltenberg following his Scandinavian robot-like style spoke to SDSM and the freshly arrived prostitutes from the DPMNE and told them NATO would love to have Macedonia in its fold so American companies can have another customer for their weapons while enjoying the fruits of joining an alliance that terrorizes nations who refuse to be under US control. However, first Macedonia must change its name and do it quickly – emphasized Stoltenberg.

And so you have now a Macedonian public who can’t trust a single political party. This explains everything that’s happening in Macedonia at the moment, the lack of protests and the fact the DPMNE too is under foreign control.

  • Wolf

    Hmmm there is more to this story.. But no one is thinking forward.

  • V.M.

    Stignaa prostitutkite na DPMNE na baci raka.