DPMNE quislings: This country, this people….


The VMRO-DPMNE, the one we knew as VMRO-DPMNE is dead. Now we have DPMNE, but this too is dead if anyone pays attention to the election campaign ran by DPMNE quislings.

Not a single DPMNE mayoral candidate has dared to say “Macedonia” or “Macedonian” during their election campaign. The DPMNE leadership has already signed up for the name change, which is why they couldn’t believe when they won the last elections.

Regardless of the win, they managed to remove themselves from power, so when the name change takes place, they can say that it was done while they were in opposition. DPMNE prefers to be in opposition when the future of the country is at stake. This is the level of stupidity at the DPMNE…

“New era, new path for this country, for this people” proclaimed Nikola Gruevski during a speech in Skopje. I for one, am not sure what country was Gruevski speaking of. Was it Catalonia?

Macedonians are upset with unelected EU fascists who visit the Macedonian capital and say, literally the same thing Gruevski keeps saying day in and day out. Today, neither EU officials nor DPMNE quislings would mention the word “Macedonia”. Instead, both opt for “this country”.

This is what it must be like to live in an episode of the Twilight zone.