DPMNE recently realized 6 MPs are in jail, quits Parliament


Macedonia’s opposition led by DPMNE are quitting Parliament. This was announced by DPMNE’s Goran Manajlovski who cited lack of basic conditions for the opposition to remain in Parliament.

In addition, DPMNE did not receive proper support from the US Embassy which goes by its second name “international community”. Vladimir Gjorchev went to Washington to complain that Zaev is jailing MPs with the aid of recently installed SDS prosecutors. However, apart from the selfies with several US Senators, Gjorchev received no support.

“In this moment the SDS is the majority in Parliament and they have a duty to provide all conditions for the functioning of Parliament. Considering 12%, in other words 6 of our MPs are in jail we can no longer participate in the work of Parliament” stated Manojlovski while responding to a question if DPMNE will take part in the debate of the language law.

One of DPMNE’s MP Krsto Mukoski is on a hunger strike and his condition in jail is worsening.

What is remarkable is the fact that Gruevski respected the law and in 10 years while in power did not replace a single judge or a prosecutor.
Zaev, in his first three months in power has repeatedly broken the law and replaced dozens of judges and prosecutors.

  • R_U_Jhoking

    It’s not amazing. On one side you have humans on the other subhumans.

  • Its Just Me

    Zaev will not last long.. Only until he gets paid, this is just a job for him, does what he is told to do.. Even he must know that when all is achieved he will be gone..(not murdered, but simply not needed..)
    Sometimes I wonder why we do not fight back.. Then I think, we simply always just survive everything and are so strong.. That how we always did it… Survival is harder.. We keep what is precious covered and safe, instead of going to fight, expose it and get attached back.. we keep what is precious and nobody can steal it.. That is even harder for an enemy to attack if they do not know what is precious.. We may not openly go and fight, but each one does it for himself.. everyday… we state our opinions, we fight one by one.. we will survive this too 🙂