DPMNE says will not joint SDS junta and foreigners in Paris to negotiate Macedonia’s name


DPMNE says the party is not against political dialog, however, according to the party press release, they are against another “Przino” both inside or outside the country, considering such path “not required and unacceptable”.

“We are all for discussions with our parliament majority, however we prefer such dialog to be held within Macedonia’s state institutions. For questions such as the name dispute, we remain on our strictly defined stands which are part of our party platform. VMRO-DPMNE has no details on what sort of discussions are to be held in Paris and as a result we can not form a proper response. Once we are given all the information, the party will make a decision”.

DPMNE’s statement stems from a press conference held by EU’s rep for Macedonia Ivo Vajgl who held discussions with SDS and DUI and announced a meeting in Paris towards the end of January. The meeting would encompass discussions on ethics, rule of law and the name negotiations”. EU’s Commissioner Johannes Hahn who was instrumental in assisting with convincing Gruevski to remove himself from power will chair the meeting.

  • Wolf

    This aint gonna be good news for Macedonia. Everyone’s is in on it.

  • Wolf