DPNE announces wins in: Ohrid, Prilep, Aerodrom, Gazi Baba, Kratovo, Sveti Nikole…


VMRO-DPMNE Secretary General Igor Janusev said that the opposition party is winning across Macedonia, and that based on 20 percent of the votes, it already has a lead of over 10.000 votes against SDSM. He said that the projection indicates that VMRO will lead SDSM by seven seats in Parliament.

The voters turned out in large numbers and voted for the Renewal. This is a major victory of the people against those in power, of the justice over injustice. We are winning all over Macedonia, almost everywhere. In Aerodrom and Gazi Baba we lead 2:1, we are winning in Kratovo and Krivogastani by 2:1. We have a serious lead in Ohrid and Prilep as well as in Radovis. Sveti Nikole and Butel are also 2:1, and we have a lead in Kisela Voda and Veles, Janusev said pointing to a number of both traditional VMRO voting large cities and Skopje municipalities as well as evenly divided areas such as Aerodrom.

Janusev also pointed to the numerous attempts to bribe voters and to intimidate their opponents from voting. “For days SDSM used various forms of manipulations and 20 instances of bribery. The public administration was under pressure and SDSM campaigned during the period of election silence – all criminal violations of the election code”, Janusev said.