DPNE appoints new people as some sort of response to jailings


DPNE announced a number of appointments of party officials, as the opposition party faces a new round of political repression by the Zaev regime, which recently arrested its Executive Committee member Dimitar Dimovski.

The Government is engaged in political reprisals and is abusing its institutions. The arrests of Dimovski, Dejan Mitevski, and other defendants are meant to distract the public from the real problems which the country faces, the party said following a meeting of the Executive Committee.

DPNE appointed Law Faculty professor Hristina Runceva Tasev as head of its Foreign Affairs Committee. Doctor Sinisa Stojanoski will lead the Healthcare Committee of the party, while actor Zoran Ljutkov will be head of the Culture Committee. The former Mayor of Prilep Marjan Risteski is appointed as head of the Municipal Development Committee, and handball coach Vlatko Nedelkovski will lead the Committee on Sports.

So far, the head of the party, Hristijan Mickoski has refused to organize any sort of protest for the jailing of MPs and party peers.