DPNE Candidate builds substantial lead over SDS & UCK-DUI candidates


Despite hopes from SDSM that the election projections will even out as the votes from more urban areas begin to arrive, DPNE’s candidate Godana Siljanovska – Davkova maintains a lead of more than double over SDSM candidate Stevo Pendarovski.

With 60 percent of pollings stations processed, Siljanovska has 246,977 votes, against just 115,722 for Pendarovski, or 44.48 against 20.84 percent.

The projections so far fully vindicate the most optimistic expectations from DPNE and the IPiS-MRTV polls, that were hotly contested by SDS. SDS did not provide polls of its own, and is yet to share their own projections, even though it’s well know that their analysists are processing the results side by side with the DPNE data team.

Update 11:30pm GMT

Siljanovska: 285,000  |   Stevo Pendarovski 139,000

ДИК обработи 80 отсто од гласовите: 145 608 гласа предност за Силјановска