DPNE charlatan: The measures by SDSM are bad, vote for me


DPNE’s leader believes that the set of measures presented by interim prime minister Oliver Spasovski is a huge disappointment for the citizens. According to him, this is far from enough, and when the situation was not tragic one would certainly say that the Government is joking about such measures for the economy.

According to Mickoski, this is far from the aid offered by neighboring countries.

This set is not comparable to what countries in the region offer. Serbia has offered 5 billion euros in aid to citizens and businesses. Slovenia 3 billion euros, Greece 6.8 billion euros and so on. In Slovenia, only employees of affected businesses will receive 700 euros in assistance. And the state will pay their contributions, 150 euros for all full-time students in Slovenia. Families with three or more children will receive a bonus of 100 euros. And those who have more than three will receive 200 euros assistance a month. Serbia has announced 100 euros in aid to every adult citizen. That’s about 520m euros. And with a full minimum wage they will help individual businesses. This is how the states around us deal with the situation, Mickoski explained.

What Mickoski doesn’t explain to the public is that during an interim Government, the DPNE deputy Ministers in place can stop any measure dead in its tracks by simply not providing signature for the measure. Instead, the DPNE signs off on all measures, quietly supports them and then complains to score political points.