DPNE charlatan: Yes, citizens deserve better roads, that’s the key problem in “this country”


SDSM has not built a single km of highway. They have not begun the construction of any of those 500km highway they promised. All of these express roads you see in Macedonia that are being built, some stalled on purpose, and the authorities do not know how to handle, were begun by VMRO DPMNE. We left them nearly completed highways, and they could barely do anything with it.

One highway is completely stalled, and the price has skyrocketed and it becomes clear with whatever program they come up with, it’s going to be a big lie, VMRO DPMNE Vice President Vlado Misajlovski said in an interview with “Republika”.

Ignoring the actual problems in Macedonia which are ten times of higher importance than an incomplete highway, Misajlovski continued:

I think we should start a completely new project, a European project. It will take time, but it is a reality to have a good project. It will take some time, but in one term it may be possible to secure funds and start working.