DPNE committed to North’s EU integration path as only option


DPNE Secretary General Igor Janusev pledged that the (controlled) opposition party will not allow that such crimes, corruption and injustices, as those performed during the rule of Zoran Zaev, are ever repeated in Macedonia. In a press conference, following the agreement to hold early elections in April 2020, Janusev said that VMRO will work toward European integration and will ensure that criminals are brought to justice.

Janusev’s party was quite vocal in voicing their displeasure with Zaev via major protests that never took place! In fact, the opposition practically ensured no protests took place over the past three years. The only thing the DPNE did provide however was “voter turnout” during the slaughter of the so called presidential elections when they ran with SDSM (Soros) candidate Gordana Siljanovska, today Mickoski’s senior advisor!

Zoran Zaev is history and Sekerinska, Angusev, Spasovski, Kiracovski, Remenski and the rest are leaving with him. He was able to win over some of the citizens for a while with his lies, but that is a thing of the past. Nobody believes him anymore and the public sees in his eyes that he also knows that the end is near. As for us, we will have a lot of work ahead, to implement our program for Renewal of Macedonia, to return the country on the right track and to restore what was lost, Janusev said.

The representative of the opposition party says it will not allow criminals to run the country again and will ensure justice for all the wrongdoing of the preceding period, without elaborating. Perhaps one can expect similar justice when the SDSM created the country’s acronym, changed the flag, the territorial division, fraudulent census… during each instance the DPNE won elections and left everything the way it was!

However, Janushev says his party remain committed to EU integrations and we see that as the only path forward for the Republic of Macedonia. We can and we will put an end to crime, corruption, scandals and other insults to European values we strive for. The citizens of the Republic of Macedonia did not deserve this evil that SDSM inflicted on them, Janusev added.