DPNE fails once again to protect Macedonia, will participate in DUISDSM ‘debate’ on Constitutional Changes


DPNE will participate in the discussion planned for next week in Parliament, over the Bulgarian request that Macedonia amends its Constitution and includes the Bulgarian nation in the Preamble.

DPNE, as usual, will pretend it opposes the proposal, and denies the ruling DUI – SDSM majority the votes they need to make the change. Instead simply leaving the Parliament and refuse to take part in yet more charades, the opposition party informs that they will state their reservations about the proposal in the Parliament.

The debate should begin on Tuesday and last at most 10 work days – no later than August 7th or 9th. In the first round, the proposal requires two-thirds majority (80 or 81 votes, depending on who interpretates the law) so that the procedure of amending the Constitution begins. If we get to the next stage, the amendments will be defined with a majority of 61 votes, and then the Parliament would again need to get to a two-thirds majority for the change to be made official.