DPNE is seeking a presidential candidate, fill out an application


The DPNE is unable to select a presidential candidate within a close circle of proven people (Karakamisheva, Durlovski…), and is seeking the public’s help.

Do you think you have what it takes to be the next Macedonian president and help DPNE along the way look like a transparent political entity where democracy is above all?

Then send your application to “Square VMRO #1, Palace Hristo Tatarchev, Skopje, Macedonia”. The deadline is January 31st.

The voting for the party’s nominee will be secretive, the decision will be made by 550 delegates, at least that’s what the DPNE says in their PR piece shown below.

If we see a repeat of the way DPNE elected their new party leader (no one was allowed to nominate themselves), Mijalkov made the call and chose Mickoski giving delegates no choice but to vote for the only nominee, then expect a similar decision will be made not by Mijalkov (as was the case with Mickoski), but by the other main financier of the party, Gruevski from Budapest.

  • Goran Stavreski

    I like how they are asking “applicants” for Macedonian president.. As if they’re trying to hire a handy man for their building LOL

  • V.M.

    Everything dpne does is a charade, smoke screen. That’s all.

  • neutrinoz

    What Konrad asks Konrad gets. Hologram. That is all they are mutually interested in.

    The illustration summed it all.

  • Billy

    The dpne, what they have done and what the continue to do can be best described as: mental retardation. This stupid, stupid call to allegedly ask the public for “applicants” for president is their way of washing their hands for what is going to happen next.. Mark my words, they will nominate the protestant man child Gjorchev who has spend about the same time as Dimitrov working for the US State Department.