DPNE meets to discuss traitors who quit the party


Mijalkov’s snakes in the DPNE continue to quit the party with the majority doing it at the same time, the goal being simple enough to hit and destabilize the party from the inside, the same way DPNE’s hidden leader Sasho Mijalkov helped to destabilize the country from within.

And instead of celebrating the reduction of poison and the removal of Mijalkov’s assets from the party, DPNE’s leadership met today to ‘discuss’ the situation.

Ex finance Minister Trajko Slavevski was the only one who gave a statement to the press, stating it’s quite clear there is an external factor influencing the quitting of multiple officials.

“None of these officials have ever mentioned any of the reasons they suddenly (and in unison) mentioned as a reason to quit. The whole thing appears very insincere and not quite serious, clearly someone from the outside is influencing their decisions” said Slavevski.

DPNE is undergoing Psy-Op operation against them meant to shaken their morale and destabilize the party. In reality, the party ought to celebrate that Mijalkov’s assets are quitting by themselves and don’t need to be ousted by the party through their voting system. However, one understands they are concerned considering majority of their MPs and officials were vetted by snake Mijalkov.

Our question for the DPNE is still the same from one year ago – what is it that they are doing in Parliament?