DPNE Ministers keep getting jailed by those who should be in jail


Former Minister of Interior Gordana Jankulovska checked-in Idrizovo prison cell earlier today for her “crime” of being involved in the purchase of a Government bulletproof Mercedes which is still heavily used not just for transporting foreign dignitaries, but is often privately used by SDSM leader Zoran Zaev.

In related news, former Minister of Transport Mile Janakieski, who faces sentencing in one of the dozen trials the Zaev regime initiated against him, said that it is preposterous that he is in Court for an attack that never happened, while an actual attack against him is left uninvestigated.

Janakieski is charged with “organizing violent protests” in 2013, when conservative protesters gathered in front of the Centar municipality, as the left wing majority on the Centar council was preparing to vote in a way that would prevent the reconstruction of a historic church torn down by the Communist regime. No injuries occurred during the protest, unlike during many left wing protests earlier and especially during the latter Colored Revolution.

Don’t worry Janakieski, DPNE’s leader Mickoski will save you, there is a protest underway for lowering the cost of electricity.