DPNE MP Nola Ismailoska Starova: Wishes of foreigners must be obeyed


Featuring Nora Ismailoska Starova, former DPNE MP… This is what passes for Macedonian MP in Parliament.
No matter how bad the Prespa agreement is, it’s not serious for us as politicians to counter the wishes of foreign representatives”.
Apparently, as an MP her job is working against the wishes of her own people and respect the wishes of foreigners who voted her in? Is this how it works?

Now, we do have some question for DPNE’s leadership:
First, and we have to admit, we watched this clip over 10 times. How did you manage to find someone this stunningly stupid? This is very impressive…

Did we mention she lied on her application that she has a Medical License (degree), she does not. At this point we wonder if she qualifies for a driving license. But the DPNE (Mijalkov) knowing she lied about her education, let her be an MP anyways!

With MPs like this, it’s quite surprising Macedonia is still a country… but, we have to admit, they are working very hard on not being one.