DPNE MPs vote to suspend Orban’s Fidesz from EPP


The European People’s Party (EPP) has voted to suspend the Fidesz party of Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

190 EPP delegates were in favor of the suspension and only 3 delegates of the strongest European grouping that unites Christian, right-wing and conservative parties in Europe voted against it.

Macedonia’s DPNE voted in favor of the suspension. Payback from Orban giving refuge to Gruevski? Or DPNE, like DUI and SDS are just a button away, will do anything they are told?
Either way, not a move anyone expected considering Gruevski is running the DPNE, is today residing in Budapest, and is its honorary president.

Fidesz will be suspended with immediate effect and until further notice, Joseph Daul wrote in a tweet.

The suspension means that Fidesz is not allowed to attend the party meetings, has no voting rights, and has no right to propose candidates for posts.

  • Smith And Wessen

    Why not dpmne but u write dpne

  • neutrinoz

    Now they will pick some guaido to represent Magyarorszag at epp and will endlessly tit and tat on their end of the one way phoney. Shadow ban of elected ones by non-elected. Same was with sekerinska and osmani. Now dpney joins the club.

    If ever being out of. Revolutionary apparatchiks? Is that oxymoron? Obviously.

    Watch today’s poll. goga leads 4% in front of penda. So last elections throw up.
    I like the smell of Boycott in the morning.