DPNE MPs were asked to sign document they won’t sell out to US Embassy


Multiple media outlets in Skopje have reported during the meeting of DPMNE’s Central Committee, all MPs were asked to sign a document they will not sell out (accept money) from the US Embassy/SDSM (same thing) in order for the Government junta to pass legislation in Parliament that will change Macedonia’s name.

According to Fokus, all DPNE MPs have signed such document. This still doesn’t ease the waves and tension within the party after it was revealed several MPs not just voted in the Referendum, some have accepted cash. DPNE’s party coordinator Dragan Danev was filmed meeting with a DBK representative, a meeting which lasted few hours where apparently an exchange of 250,000 euros took place. Danev was also seen voting in the Referendum.

The party has not released any information regarding this, however, so far, DPNE has expelled Bogojevski whose behavior never differentiated from that of the SDSM.

Zaev has internal challenges himself. Two of his MPs have stated they will not support a ‘name change’ vote, adding they will not go against the wishes of the Macedonian public.

  • jimbo

    Po arno da se zakulnat na Bibliata co kama i revolver i ako se predavchi site a znajme kaznata!

  • vistina

    VMRO committee and the public must act on this and make it known that the public will not accept any official being bribed.

    2 SDS officials have woken up and will not support the treason and listen to the over 70% who are clearly against this so called “agreement”. More of them need to wake up. It’s all crumbling for Zaev. Stand up to these crooks. They are exposed now and are a stench in the society.