DPNE officially bites the dust: CIA (NDI) to restructure the party


Eighty-strong “VMRO-DPMNE” officials will participate in a training organized by CIA run NDI (National Democratic Institute) next week – the party’s vice-president Aleksandar Nikoloski stated in an interview earlier today with PresingTV show.

MINA has extensively covered both the NDI and NED of their strong ties to the CIA. Below is an excerpt:

The NDI has never been part of a “civil society”. It was created by the US government, it is funded by the US government and it serves the US government.

If US military forces have not yet shot up a country’s capital, and if the CIA has not yet been exposed handing over bags of money to its politicians, that does not at all indicate US respect for national sovereignty, but only that the US government has a choice of means of interference.

In fact, one reason that the NDI, its parent National Endowment for Democracy and its sibling International Republican Institute are very active in Macedonia and were exclusively set up to make it easier to channel US government money to Macedonian politicians (and military officers) who were beginning to fear that disclosure of CIA funding would discredit them. But once the money was in the clients’ hands, the path by which it got there didn’t matter: it still served the same purpose. Recall the 2016 pre-election wiring of huge sums of money to SDS officials and “NGO” group Civil via Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Albania, Bahrain… When the Financial Police went to investigate, they dropped their investigation the following day after receiving a friendly phone call from the US Embassy.

The DPNE has now officially signed up with the devil. Unofficially, Gruevski signed up back in 2004/05 when he promised American officials he will uphold their creation, the Ohrid Framework Agreement – as a result he was ‘allowed’ to come to power. The same promise was made by Mickoski in 2018, that he will uphold “North” and he too would be ‘allowed’ to come to power in 2020. This is extremely relevant to what Nikoloski is going to say below.

According to DPNE’s Nikoloski, NDI is one of the most influential political organizations in the United States. “If we can learn something from history, this would mean our victory for VMRO-DPMNE in the next elections” – stated Nikoloski.

The next weekend for us is a very big event, it’s called “team building” – that is, the beginning of the creation of a new program of VMRO-DPMNE and the preparation of the organizational structure – organized by the American Institute NDI (National Democratic Institute) so we have a lot to learn from them. – Nikoloski told PresingTV.

The party’s vice-president stressed that the last time VMRO-DPMNE had such an event was in the distant 2005 when they were in opposition. This is when Gruevski agreed he would not meddle with the implementation of the Ohrid Agreement. Then, the training was organized by the German NGO Conrad Adenauer Foundation.

In the course of the weekend, those three days, 80 people from the party, the executive committee, the parliamentary group and other policy makers will gather an entire weekend to discuss what should be the next VMRO-DPMNE directions and where it should move as a party. This is extremely important because the last time we did this was while in opposition, 2004-2005, then with the support of another foundation, with the help of the German foundation Konrad Adenauer. Now we are going with the American organization NDI, if we can learn something from history, this would mean our victory in the next election. – said Nikoloski.

The DPNE has now officially transitioned to the SDS #2.

  • Tony

    If you dangle a carrot in front of any Macedonian he will take it, disregarding what he is or what, it is disgusting that there are so many dogs in our forsaken country.

    Makes me sick.

  • Goran Stavreski

    If our people didn’t sell out this easy, we wouldn’t be in the position we’re in today. The DPNE were very crafty to sell themselves as ‘patriotic’ party while selling the country continually by expanding the Ohrid agreement since 2006. The masks have fallen and so has the party.

  • Only Liberty Matters

    N.D.I – New Dumb Idiots

  • neutrinoz

    Expected. (after reactions on 27th)

    Once konrad-ed always at service at back door alley. To any new client. Compulsive behavior.

    Conclusion: one voter less.