DPNE pleads with Macedonians to protest, after ignoring them earlier


DPNE’s leader Hristijan Mickoski from Prilep called for massive protests on June 2 in the Macedonian capital. This is from a party who ignored the same people who took to the streets in massive numbers earlier this year.

He told the Prilep residents that the reign of Zoran Zaev was filled with unrealistic promises and colorful lies.

– They were lying in the pre-election campaign, lied that they would bring a 500-euro average salary, lied that the doctors specialists would earn an average salary of 100,000 denars. Promised more subsidies for farmers, promising a better standard for young people, promising larger pensions for pensioners and nothing has happened – said Miskovski.

Apparently, for the DPNE leader this is the main focus, the salaries, not the ongoing firesale of the country (changing of history, renaming of country, renaming of church…)

Mickoski also referred to the government’s celebration of a one-year government, stating that it was hypocritical that the whole government was ordered before the monument of our liberators, because there was a difference between the partisans who freed the state and the government that plundered the country.

He pointed out that the Zaev government has no progress in any area.
During his speech, Mickoski failed to mentioned the name negotiations, instead kept focusing on economic activity.

According to our Skopje based reporter, Pero Stamatovski, the DPNE expects at least 30,000 protesters.