DPNE pushes protest day again: forget May, how about June?


DPNE and the coalition are organizing a protest rally on June 2nd at 8 pm in front of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, DPNE leader Hristijan Mickoski announced after the session of the Central Committee of the party. The people, he says, raise their voice against the fatal rule of this government. Asked why the protest was delayed, twice, Miskovski says:

We anticipated all possible dates in May. We had a serious discussion about the terms when this protest rally would be held. You know that VMRO-DPMNE is in the phase of reorganization and restructuring, more than 40 Municipal Committees have a new or confirmed old structure in the Municipal Committee.

Meanwhile, MINA reported that this protest would be delayed back a month ago, and it isn’t because of alleged reorg of the party which was actually completed earlier this year. DPNE is not allowed to protest by Macedonia’s Governor and US Ambassador Jess Baily, at least not while the docs for the new name get hashed out.