DPNE removing videos where Micko refuses to answer Zaev’s Qs on name change


DPNE’s crew have started erasing all youtube videos where their (Mijalkov appointed) leader Hristijan Mickoski refuses to answer Zaev’s pointed question whether his party will (dare) to return the name Macedonia back if they came to power!

During the debate, Zaev asked this question three times.

Mickoski never provided a response to this crucial question. Instead, reacted with strange movements and grimaces, silence, while the third time he decided to ‘counter-ask’ Zaev a different question, completely abandoning the topic.

It is more than clear why Mickoski did not answer the question, or rather, why Mickoski and his NDI-USAid party would never dare to touch any of the carnage perpetrated by the SDS. First, Mickoski’s own party heavily assisted the SDS by providing MPs in the voting process and quorum during Parliament’s sessions. Second, did the DPNE return the old flag when the SDS junta illegally changed it? Did the DPNE nullify the illegal territorial law which gave DUI 10 more MPs in Parliament? You see where this is going… The DPNE not just did not reverse course and recover from previous violations of Macedonia’s national interests imposed by the SDS junta, but is continuously taking part in it, mostly in secret, but today it’s publicly.

And so now, the DPNE has started to remove videos like the one below, of Mickoski avoiding the most crucial questions.

First, no need to remove videos, not a single Macedonian citizen, at least the ones we’re aware of, expects the DPNE to do anything – we have been waiting and watching for years… Second, if you go back and watch the debate, at one point Mickoski says “We had a Referendum, which unfortunately failed” – why is no one talking about this!? Unfortunately? Of course it’s unfortunate for Mickoski that it failed, because the plan was to blame only the people for the name change. Instead, the DPNE had to get involved in it. Quite a sloppy slip-up by Micko. But, don’t blame the rat, blame his coaching.

The CIA played their card with Goga Soros who is both the SDS and DPNE presidential candidate. She has already approved and signed off not just on North, but accepting hundreds of thousands of migrants who Zaev announced in Prilep the other day as “working migrants”. This, despite Macedonia having a 25% unemployment rate.

And while the DPNE is busy removing videos, every Macedonian understands that any real change could come solely from the people.

Why vote, why take part in legitimizing a criminal junta, why support political parties who have systematically destroyed Macedonia for 30 years! Don’t play their criminal game. Their biggest fear is boycott.