DPNE sellouts not allowed to tell citizens to boycott Referendum


MINA reported roughly two months ago that DPNE’s head Hristijan Mickoski met with governor Jess Baily at least three times that we know of.

The discussions were all about the upcoming referendum and Baily’s request that the DPNE does not publicly urge their membership (500,000+) to boycott the referendum.

Out of sheer excitement to be talking to a CIA shill, Mickoski agreed to this. (What do you expect from a party who signed the Przino Agreement and brought Katica Janeva?).

Two weeks ago MINA once again stated DPNE is not allowed to urge its membership to boycott the referendum.
Today, Mickoski confirmed our earlier reports.

During a press conference at 11pm, when asked by a journalist whether the party plans on urging its membership to boycott the referendum, the DPNE leader dodged the question and stated that the party has made a decision allowing each citizen to make up their own mind, adding every citizen should listen to their heart.

In other words, the sellouts are simply not allowed… they signed a deal with the devil, just like Gruevski did and he is heading to jail.

What is of greater concern for us is the upcoming referendum fraud with Zaev yet again slipping up the ‘planned numbers’ and claiming 53% turnout. An even greater concern is the new SEC head (DPNE’s Oliver Derkovski) who we find is not of the strongest characters…

As difficult as it is to believe, and we’d love to be wrong, but the DPNE at this point are far more dangerous than the SDS junta not just for the things they don’t do, but very often for the things they do.

Why not tell your people “Stay Home”! Unless… previous arrangements prevent you from doing so. Sellouts. Tell them what you think of them right here: komunikacii@vmro-dpmne.org.mk