DPNE to protest against electricity prices


This Wednesday at 6pm, DPNE is set to hold the first of a series of underwhelming protests, announced by the party leader Hristijan Mickoski. If you think the protest is against the biggest elections fraud in history, the 1.2 Billion euros missing in the budget… well you’d be wrong, this is Mickoski after all, Wednesday’s protest is against the electricity price hike! 

The DPNE sheepishly called on the citizens to join the protest, because, as they say, it is time to unite against this government which is a mafia and which continues to get rich on the backs of the people.

It’s our duty and this is a time to be loud. The protest will start at 6 pm in front of the Ministry of Justice and will finish in front of the Energy Regulatory Commission and we will demand the return of the old price of electricity, said Mickoski at a press conference on Monday.

He called on opposition parties and non-governmental organizations and individuals to form an opposition front against the government.