DPNE traitors meet with protesters, admit not allowed to join them


DPNE’s president Hristijan Mickoski met with the President of the Association “Macedonian National Council – Makedonium” Strasho Olumchev to hear his concerns.

Olumchev had asked the DPNE president why their party is not joining in the protests in front of Parliament, and furthermore why did the opposition return to Parliament?

Miskoski told Olumchev that VMRO-DPMNE can not leave Parliament, but will not participate in parliamentary activities related to the agreement with Greece because, as he believes, it would be better for the party to stay in Parliament and to prevent Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in making harmful decisions!? So far, the DPNE has not been able to prevent Zaev in bypassing laws and the Macedonian constitution.

Olumchev said that they also discussed the referendum for which Mickoski made a statement in the media that he would go out and vote against it. Olumchev has stated that the referendum must be prevented, adding our name Macedonia was not obtained during a vote, but it was transferred to us from our grandfathers for centuries.

The president of the association Olumchev added that they will continue with everyday protests until their demands are fulfilled, including protection of the name of the Republic of Macedonia and protection of the Macedonian identity.
Mickoski has stated his party has no intention to join protesters in front of Parliament.

  • LXV

    Macedonians, wake up and smell the damn coffee already!

    Mochkovci refuse the calls for boycott because the Anglo-Zionist hegemon has promised them the “Northern throne” only if they remain fully cooperative and keep on legitimizing the traitorous selling out of Macedonian identity.

  • V.M.

    Micko met with Baily and Mogherini… they are not allowed to protest/join protests. In fact, they are pushing their members not to protest… that says it all.
    Like LXV said, they have been promised to be put back to power if they behave.

  • Peter Fromsydney

    the only thing to save macedonia from this US hegemony is a revolution. You cant play ball by the rules, its a fixed match so to speak.

  • Jole

    Peter, you are the only one with a solution it’s 1000% fixed by the yanks, seems our people want to be slaves for the americans & germans ( north atlantic terrorist organization & fourth reich eu ). Nothing happens without a revolt & one should come soon, because the yanks & limies are masters of manipulation. They promise you the moon, but give it to you up the ass, never trust them look at their history.