DPNE Traitors: We can’t leave Parliament, promises are promises


DPNE leader Hristijan Mickoski announced on FB that he is a proud Macedonian, soon to be Northerner, and although not allowed to leave Parliament therefore removing the legitimacy that DPNE MPs are giving to Zaev in his quest to change Macedonia’s biblical name, Mickoski still wants everyone to know that he is proud and will continue with their fake protests.

Following in Gruevski’s footsteps, Mickoski vows to continue DPNE’s well established tradition: On Facebook, they’re patriots, but in Parliament traitors of the highest rank.
DPNE’s treason is well documented for over 10 years: giving albanians rights outside of the Ohrid agreement, refusing to prosecute any SDS/DUI official during their reign, removing themselves from power after requests from foreign Ambassador(s), quietly supported Zaev’s illegal (and failed) referendum, to now openly supporting Zaev in Parliament.

Despite all of that, Mickoski has a message for all Northerners. He will remain in Parliament because that’s the agreement he struck with EU’s Hahn and Prime Minister Jess Baily, both of whom are on their way out.
He will keep his treasonous party in Parliament and will give Zaev the necessary legitimacy (which is badly needed after the failed referendum). And yes, there will be occasional FB posts by the DPNE leader to remind everyone that he needs your vote as his MPs are helping Zaev in Parliament.

Meanwhile, Mickoski stated that his traitors MPs will remain dedicated to the most important things Macedonians care for: The price of apples, carrots, potatoes, air quality and of course faster internet for all. Because if Macedonians care for one thing in the past six months, it’s the falling apple prices.

Here is actor Mickoski, vital member of the controlled opposition during his promenade in Kochani:

Ако го спомнеш името Македонија ќе те прогласат за антиевропеец, ќе те прогласат за неконструктивец, ќе те прогласат…

Posted by Hristijan Mickoski on Sunday, December 9, 2018