DPNE: Under Zaev cocaine more available than Coca Cola


Under Zoran Zaev, cocaine became more accessible in Macedonia than Coca Cola, said DPNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski. He blamed the ruling SDSM party of being in league with criminals from all walks of life.

Just see what is happening, we have judges who interfere in court decisions and help criminals in tax evasion, we have businessmen extorted to the amount of 20 million EUR, and the prosecutors are unable to even question those involved, Nikoloski said.

He called on the SDSM party to listen to both the opposition and the legal experts who are proposing the adoption of serious changes to the law on state prosecutors, which would enable that the fight against crime begins in earnest.

Unfortunately, Zoran Zaev’s goal is to save his own skin after his certain defeat at the coming elections, and for that he needs to maintain his influence over the prosecutors, Nikoloski said in an interview with Kanal 5.

Regarding the April elections, Nikoloski pointed to the numerous violations of the law, which include mass new hiring in the public sector – the Macedonian Forests company alone is currently hiring 500 new workers, and public spending geared toward buying votes.