DPNE voted for Amnesty of UCK, but didn’t support Amnesty for Patriots


Jane Cento and Igor Jug, two of the political prisoners sentenced to long terms in prison as “terrorists” over the April 27th attack in the Parliament, issued statements after yesterday’s failed vote on a law that would’ve given them amnesty. The law was proposed by independent experts and was partially supported by DPNE, a party which considers the trial as badly tainted and the sentences as excessive, but the SDSM – DUI – AA led majority blocked the request to put it to vote.

What is exceptionally striking is the fact only 40 out of the 48 DPNE MPs voted in support of the patriots, while 8 MPs, including VP Aleksandar Nikoloski were conveniently ‘absent’ from the vote.

Needless to say, DPNE is overrun by easily bought MPs and is run by an inept leader who’s been silent for 7 years.

Tell my mother not to grieve. We will prevail, said Cento, the great-grandson of Macedonia’s partisan leader and first post-war President who was also persecuted by the Communist regime.