DPNE VP: Not a single European capital welcomed Zaev


DPNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski said Tuesday morning on TV Alfa that if the court did not complete its work on the SPO and the “Racket” case, then DPNE said it will disclose new revelations on the case.

He added that he hopes that after April 12, Macedonia will have a free and relaxed judiciary and prosecution. And that the citizens will not be under daily political pressure from the government.

The Vice President of DPNE clarified that everything Zaev promised was a lie.

The reality is another and unfortunately cruel. To become part of the elite club, you have to negotiate first, but to start negotiating, corruption and crime must be resolved at home. Because that elite club does not want to have anything with corrupt people or sit at the same table. Let the citizens think whether it was accidental that not a single European statesman welcomed Zoran Zaev in their capital.

Nikoloski said that the prosecution law should close these issues and it is clear enough from the message of the Commissioner for Enlargement that the law should be adopted but in cooperation between the leading parties in Parliament, DPNE and SDSM, and by accepting the arguments or remarks of DPNE.