DPNE’s clowns absolutely support the Government junta in expulsion of Russian diplomat


“Both the Foreign Minister and the Government make a mistake that excludes the opposition from this process of information sharing and consultation with the opposition. We condemn the act that happened in the UK, we think it is a direct attack on the country, to which we have serious sympathies for. Our partners are Brussels, London and Washington. Our place is in the EU and NATO. And that’s why we think that what the government has done is fine, “said DPNE’s VP Nikolovski.

And this is what a bought political party sounds like. As a result, it is why Macedonia is sinking. Both the criminal junta in charge and the so called opposition are bought.

Macedonians now know why Ivanov never intervened to prevent the coup on April 27. There wasn’t a political party that had his back. As Stevco Jakimovski stated in a recent interview with Alfa TV, all DPNE MPs were told what will happen on April 27 and were also instructed not to move a little finger in the process, and they obliged. The few that didn’t, like MP Mukoski and tried to prevent it, are now in jail.

Here at MINA we have stated for the past three years that the DPNE clowns are just as big as traitors as the SDS, except much they do is behind closed doors.
With the expulsion of a Russian diplomat, Macedonia loses the veto support it had from Russia at the UNSC.

  • Goran Stavreski

    Oh pleme ti ebem predavnicko, dal gospod crpki vo Makedonija. Crpko do crpko do crpko, site kaj Bejli na dudlanje.

  • Its Just Me

    We need a new party, maybe many new parties..
    I personally think it is not VMRO to blame.. because in EU this is how it works: the EU does not care since we are not important to them (assets, sea, any capitalist benefits for them? we don’t have it, I mean we do but they do not know what Macedonia is, to appreciate it, its just the “money” that matters) so its important who stands behind the “EU faces” we see.. Who knows.. If VRMO had complained or not, they would be be the ones to blame.. Since they were in power, would have been blamed of abuse of power.. This is just my opinion, that VRMO paid either way, they lose either way.. So maybe its best to simply have many new parties.. Maybe dissolve VRMO..
    Also we need to distant from EU since, it does not matter what condition they put on us, we will not get in. They simply do not want this. They made it to easy for Romania and Bulgaria to enter so they make it extra hard to get in. They satated this as a reason why 2025 (google it).. But honestly they do not care.
    If Russia was our neighbor we would have been a member already. Remember several EU countries begged to have Ukraine added due to the Crime situation.. The only condition they had to fulfill is – have Russia as a neighbor. And we, we have to deny our nationality.. Please.
    Lets see the sorority tests teenagers do in USA to become a member of a club.. Any similarity.. What Macedonia undergoes is worst than those tests. Those teenagers keep their identity.
    Its so wring to expel the Russian Ambassador also due to this; had he stayed, and EU thinks we flirt with Russia, then EU has to run to us and BEG US.. but we simply threw the crown jewel for free.. :)))

    • Goran Stavreski

      I actually blame the traitors in DPNE more than SDS…. here is why:
      It’s tough to blame the SDS because it would be blaming an autistic child for breaking a glass. SDS is a virus, a disease with majority of MPs who are openly retarded.
      Back to the traitors in DPNE.

      1. For years DPNE quietly expanded the rights of albanians outside the Ohrid agreement.

      2. DPNE signed the Prizno agreement effectively selling out the country
      3. DPNE gave up the police to SDS before the elections to ensure fraud
      4. DPNE refused to back Ivanov in crucial moments.

      5. Gruevski removed himself from power.
      6. DPNE refused to participate in protests and back the people..

      Should I go on?

      • Its Just Me

        ooooh thanks, I did not know this… am not there actually… wow.. this is absolutely incredible

  • Its Just Me

    Also, VMRO is the “blamed party” simply becuase they were in power.
    The same scenario happened in Ukraine, this is how their government was overturned.. You blame the leading party of abuse, whatever, but they are dominant, and portrait the oposition as poor scarred sufferers.. And the EU and US immediately congratulated Zaev.. This same thing happened in Ukraine..
    The scandal with wiretapping, there was a funny story i read “oh dear a scandal in macedonia, over 20.000 people were wiretapped” the journalist had to explain that that is 10% iof our population.. Since abroad everybody gets wiretapped, all phones, like 100% and not 10% of the population.. He laughed, just note that Macedonia does not have 20.000 people.. So in Macedonia we do enjoy freedom 🙂 indeed

  • V.M.

    You can say a word or two to the judas right here: