DPNE’s Derkovski likely the new head of the SEC


After the agreement at the leaders’ meeting, lawmakers will vote for the new composition of the State Election Commission tonight to hold the referendum. DPNE proposes Oliver Derkovski as president, and for SEC member Elizabeta Postolovska.

The SDS has nominated Borche Kondarko, Janaki Vitanovski and Radica Ristevski. Candidate for the DUI member is Dimire Shehu, and BESA and the Alliance for Albanians should propose a joint member.

Members of the Election and Appointment Commission, who held a session this evening, sent the list of all 47 registered candidates for SEC members to the President of the Assembly. The list will then be forwarded it to the parties who will declare their candidates. Afterwards, the Commission for Elections and Appointments will determine candidates, after which they will be elected at a parliamentary session.

Zaev, Mickoski, Ahmeti and Kasami agreed in the MP’s Club with a two-thirds majority to elect the State Election Commission, and the government to withdraw the amendments to the Election Law that proposed the composition of the SEC to be elected with 61 votes. Will this agreement hold is unknown, as Zaev and the SDS tend to change their mind several times during a single hour… At the request of DPNE, tonight the Parliament will vote on the Law on Financing of Parties and amendments to the Law on Government with the formation of a “Grown-up Government” before every parliamentary election.

The authorities and the opposition at the leadership meeting failed to agree on the referendum. Because of the different views on the referendum issue, these talks have failed. No new leadership meeting has been announced yet.

DPNE’s leader Miskovski said after the 7-hour meeting “Our firm political stance is in order for the referendum to be successful, should have a turnout of 50% of the total number of voters and vote 51% in favor. And here we had some approximation in the paragraphs. But disagreements are about the meaning of the issue, which according to the Constitution and laws should be one-sided and not to violate the will of the citizens.”

Mickoski believes that the referendum issue should contain only one issue, be clear and unambiguous, and refer only to the Treaty with Greece, instead of inserting three questions and presenting it as one, this is illegal.

Zaev accused Mickoski that he did not want to call VMRO-DPMNE’s voters to vote in a referendum on his own conviction and that the leader of the opposition failed to recognize the moment, but only “lied that he wants Macedonia to become a member of the EU and NATO”.

Mickoski refused to give up his intention to boycott the European and NATO perspectives of the citizens – said Zaev.

The date for holding the referendum was not discussed at the meeting, but party sources said September 30 as a possible date.